Test Your Vocabulary Size

Test your vocab picHow many words do you know?

In the online lesson about English Vocabulary, there were a few activities to estimate your vocabulary size. In this blog post, I’m including a link to one other online vocabulary test. After you take the test, you can leave a comment telling us what your result was and letting us know some of the words on the test that you didn’t know before. Here are the links:

Test Your Vocab.com has a short (two-step) test to estimate your vocabulary size. The test is based on you deciding (honestly, of course!) whether or not you know words in a list.

So, what was your result? If you’re interested in finding out your teacher’s result, look in the comments below :)

Is it offensive or acceptable?

What do you consider offensive?

In the online lesson, we considered different ads from about 50 years ago, as well as modern ads. The main questions was: can the ads from the past be considered offensive today, and would the modern ads have been considered offensive 50 years ago?

The question for this post is: Do you find any of the ads below offensive? Would you like to see these ads in a magazine for adults, on a billboard in a public square or on the internet? Why or why not? It would also be great if you could tell us what kind of ads you do find offensive, even including a link to them.

Descriptions of the ads

The first picture shows a racy ad for blue jeans. The second uses religious reference and the phrase “Submit to Temptation” to advertise ice cream. The third picture shows a woman and her daughter cleaning, along with a reference to Mother’s Day.

Just leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts on these ads!