Fascinating Cities of the World


The online lesson introduced the city of New Orleans, USA, which has a fascinating history of mixed cultures that have combined to create a unique blend of architecture, food, music and atmosphere. There are of course many unique and interesting cities in the world, including one of my favorites: Seville, Spain.

Seville was at different times in its history governed by the Romans, the Moors of North Africa, who were Muslim, and the Spanish Castilians, who were Christians. The result of these different rulers is a city with a unique blend of architecture. The city is also famous for flamenco music and dancing, as well as the lively and friendly temperament of its residents. I was lucky enough to spend two months in Seville, studying Spanish and enjoying the lifestyle of this amazing city!

You can read more about Seville here: Lonely Planet and Wikipedia.

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn. Leave a post telling us about a fascinating city that you’ve visited or lived in, explaining why it’s so interesting and putting a link to more information so the rest of us can learn more about the city.

Dog Shows

westminster-show The Westminster Dog Show”

The Westminster Dog Show is perhaps the most famous dog show in the United States. Every year, the winner of the Westminster becomes famous, even if for just a brief time, on news stories and internet sites. If you’re interested, you read more about the Westminster here.

We’d like to find out your opinion about dog shows. Have you ever been, or would you like to go? Would you ever like to take a dog to the show? Are the shows interesting displays of the best dogs around, or are they ridiculous and vain?

Click on this video to watch a report of the final competition in 2012, and then leave us a comment answering the questions above. We look forward to hearing your views.

What’s funny for you?

It’s said that what is considered funny depends a lot on the culture where the comedic performance takes place. It probably also depends on personal taste as well, and not just where you come from. Well, in this post, we’d like to find out what your idea of good comedy is.

Here are three different forms of comedy, the first two of which come from the USA. The third comes from Britain. Descriptions and links to the videos are below:

1. Stand up comedy: Ray Romano, a famous comedian and TV star, delivers a stand up routine on a late-night talk show.

2. Unnecessary censorship: An innocent song on a children’s show takes on a different meaning – not by adding anything, but simply by repeatedly beeping out the main word in the song. By the way, the original song is about a character called “The Count”, who likes to sing about “counting” everything.

3. Benny Hill: You certainly can’t call it politically correct. But is it funny?

Once you’ve had a chance to watch all of the videos, leave a comment here to let us know which one you found the funniest. You might also want to leave a link to a video that you find funny.