Crime shows on TV

Police and Crime Dramas

What do you think about the promo for the crime drama “Luther” in the video above? Does the video make you want to watch the series?

Crime shows have been a typical staple of the TV lineup for years, and probably will continue to be. New ones come out every year – from the States and the UK, of course, and probably from every other country that produces TV shows. Have you ever watched any of these crime dramas? Each has a different atmosphere and characters, but all of them involve stories of the police investigating and solving crimes.

NYPD Blue (NYPD stands for “New York Police Department”)
CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)
Taggart (A Scottish detective programme)

For this blog post, we’d be happy to hear your comments: Why do you think people like crime dramas so much? Do you watch any shows that feature police investigations? Just tell us the name of the show and your opinion of it.

Going back to school

Graduation small
Re-training or getting re-qualified

Do you plan on keeping your current job forever? Probably not. Most people today expect to change jobs several times in their lives, either by choice or because they have to. You might have to re-train or get another qualification either to advance in your current field, or to change to a completely new profession.

All this means that more adults are going back to school or university than in the past. So universities have started to offer lots of classes in non-traditional formats: for example, evening courses, weekend courses and distance learning courses delivered through the Internet. I’ve actually done two courses in this way: I got my MA by a distance learning course and I did a qualification in Online Moderation over the internet. Even though I never met the teachers or other students, I felt like I knew them well because we had a lot of contact by email, chat, skype and video conferences.

So, the question for this blog post is: Have you taken a non-traditional course to help you advance in your career, or change careers? Or if not, would you think about doing so? You’re taking an online English course now – would you consider taking an online course to get a professional qualification as well? We’ll be happy to hear your views on the topic.

The climate is changing. There’re no two ways about it.

When will the next ice age be?

Scientists believe the next ice age will be delayed by global warming and CO2 emission. Ice Ages appear on the Earth periodically and due to small changes in the earth’s orbit. The last Ice Age ended over 11 thousand years ago. According to authors of an article in Nature Magazine the next ice age should theoretically take place in 1,5 thousand years. But since the climate is warming up, it won’t.

“The cause of this is huge CO2 emissions” – according to the co-author of the article, Dr Luke Skinner from Cambridge University – “Our research shows that the climate is very sensitive and vulnerable to changes in carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration, especially at the levels it changed in the last 200 years.”

Moreover, other research groups have shown that even if we shut down emissions instantly, the concentration would be too high for the glaciation to begin for another 1000 years.

What is your opinion? Is there anything that could be done to prevent global warming? Are you worried about our climate? What “green” actions do you take?

Recommended books

Hard-boiled detective

I’m a great lover of reading, and I like all kinds of books. One of my favorite genres, though, is the detective story. To me, a good detective story really draws you into not only the mystery, but also the lives and thoughts of the characters and the atmosphere of the setting.

‘The Big Sleep’ is one such book. Written by the American Raymond Chandler in 1939 and set in Los Angeles, it tells a complicated story involving murder, a rich family, a double-crossing gangster and the hard-boiled detective Philip Marlowe in the middle of it all. If you’re at all interested in a story that’s good both at building suspense and has a sharp eye for people and their weaknesses, then I highly recommend ‘The Big Sleep’.

How about you? This blog is the place to let us know what book you would recommend, and why.