Going back to school

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Re-training or getting re-qualified

Do you plan on keeping your current job forever? Probably not. Most people today expect to change jobs several times in their lives, either by choice or because they have to. You might have to re-train or get another qualification either to advance in your current field, or to change to a completely new profession.

All this means that more adults are going back to school or university than in the past. So universities have started to offer lots of classes in non-traditional formats: for example, evening courses, weekend courses and distance learning courses delivered through the Internet. I’ve actually done two courses in this way: I got my MA by a distance learning course and I did a qualification in Online Moderation over the internet. Even though I never met the teachers or other students, I felt like I knew them well because we had a lot of contact by email, chat, skype and video conferences.

So, the question for this blog post is: Have you taken a non-traditional course to help you advance in your career, or change careers? Or if not, would you think about doing so? You’re taking an online English course now – would you consider taking an online course to get a professional qualification as well? We’ll be happy to hear your views on the topic.

E-learning is more than the lesson

E-learning is about more than convenience
More than convenience

There are a number of reasons people decide to learn English in an online course. The most obvious is convenience. Being able to save the time it takes to commute from your home or office to a language school is definitely an attractive reason to learn online. And it’s also true that more and more people are learning English online as technology becomes more integrated into their lives. After all, you probably use voice or video chat to talk with your family and friends, and use videoconferencing at work. It’s only natural, then, to connect with your teacher using the same tools.

It’s the time between the lessons

You can make a personal connection with your teacher online in the same way you can connect with your family, friends and colleagues. And with GoEnglishGo you get an online speaking lesson with your teacher every week. That’s the same as what you’ll get when you travel to an English lesson. But the real value of an e-learning course with GoEnglishGo, and what makes it a better option than a face-to-face course, is that you don’t have wait another whole week before connecting with your teacher and practicing your English.

A range of practice activities

GoEnglishGo’s online learning platform gives you an exciting way to keep practicing your English 24/7, between weekly lessons with your teacher. After your online lesson, you’ll have several activities to do before your next lesson. These include our interactive Grammar and Vocabulary Builder as well as our Soundboard – an online presentation tool that’s an exciting way for you to practice your speaking by taking part in a discussion involving a teacher and other students. GoEnglishGo also offers discussion forums for you to practice communicating in English, giving you realistic writing practice in online environment. Considering that so much of your day-to-day communication takes place in an online environment anyway, it’s only natural that you would practice your English on an e-learning platform.

Comparing E-Learning with Face-to-Face Learning

If you’ve taken a face-to-face course, you know that practicing English once a week is simply not enough to improve as much as you can. So considering that your speaking lessons online are equal to the speaking lessons you would get in a face-to-face course, it’s what you do between lessons that really makes online learning the better choice. Instead of filling in a coursebook, or collecting a stack of photocopies in your face-to-face course, in an e-learning course at GoEnglishGo you’ll get a range of exciting interactive activities to make sure you get the most out of your English learning. The fact that you don’t waste your time travelling to a face-to-face lesson is just an added bonus.

Taking the first step

If learning online sounds like the best option for you, then contact us at info@goenglishgo.com to arrange a demonstration lesson.